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Tägliche Ausflüge

Damit Ihr Urlaub bei Uns noch angenehmer wird, organieziert Klabuk travel für Sie auch verschiedene Ausflüge: 

  • Svakodnevni izletiDubrovnik
  • National Park Krka
  • National Park Plitvička Jezera
  • Medjugorje / Imotski
  • Rafting auf dem Fluss Cetina in Omiš




Ogno giorno gite

Klobuk travel organizza le differente gite: 

  • Ogno giorno giteIl Parco Nazionale “Krka”
  • Il Parco Nazionale del Laghi di Plitvice
  • Medjugorje –Imotski
  • La rafting avventura dal fiume di Cetina




Medjugorje / Imotski

Medjugorje / ImotskiMeđugorje è un paese contadino dell`Erzegovina occidentale divenuta famosa in tutto in mondo nel 1981 quando sei ragazzi affermarono di aver visto apparire la Beata Vergine Maria. Il luogo é divenuto meta di pallegrinaggi di fedeli da tutto il mondo.

Medjugorje / ImotskiImotski é situato dietro le montagne di Biokovo. Fortezza é la citta é sistemata sull`altopiano chiamato Podi. La citta è dominata dalla fortezza Topana sistemata nei pressi del lago Blu, construito nel secolo X. 


Medjugorje / Imotski

Medjugorje / ImotskiMedjugorje is one of the villages of the west Herzegovian district of Citluk, historical Brotnjo.

As the biggest of five villages that form the parish, Medjugorje gave name to the vast Roman catholic parish and recently is one of the most famous and most called upon pilgrimage places in the whole catholic world. Medjugorje is a unique event in the modern world. Over the last 20 years it attracted over 20 milion pilgrims from all over the world. There they find again their peace, their humanity and their connection to God. They become witnesses of truth, love and peace.

Medjugorje / ImotskiIMOTSKI , the town in Dalmatian zagora is situated on the slopes of the hill, above the field of Imotski. The fortress and the city, on the slopes of the hill named Podi, were named after the old parish of Imota from the 10 th century.

On the cliff above the Blue lake there is a fortress from medieval and ottoman times. At the entrance of that fortress there is a church from the 18th century built after the departure of the ottomans. Franciscan monastery from 1738 was reconstructed in last century.


Daily excursions

To make your stay more interesting Klobuk travel organize various excursions:

  • Daily excursionsDubrovnik
  • Krka National Park
  • Plitvice Lakes National Park
  • Medjugorje / Imotski
  • Rafting on Cetina River…


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