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Horseback Riding

Horseback RidingRegardless the fact of being experienced horseback rider or a pure beginner, the guided horseback riding through Cetina region will be an absolute pleasure for you.

Besides horseback riding, the visitors could visit the hippodrome of the town Sinj. Every year, at the first weekend of August, the manifestation called SINJSKA ALKA takes place there. This manifestation is an homage dedicated to the victory over Turks in 1715. If you are beginner you could decide upon horseback riding school (peaceful, school horses) maintained by a professional instructor and a breeder of thirty years of experience. 



CanyoningCanyoning - In the canyon you have to walk, jump, swim and climb, something that increases both the challenge and your adrenalin.

Big Game Fishing - Europeans new destination

Horseback Riding - Guided horseback riding through Cetina region

Paintball - One of the most attractive sports in the world. 


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